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Caribbean Lawyer Publishes Article on AI and Robotic Technology

"It is an interesting area. One that I love. I must say that some three (3) years ago, when I would speak briefly about the topic, many laughed at me. Frankly, I too laughed at myself…Today, Artificial Intelligence [is all over the news!]” – Cieanna Smith, Attorney-at-Law.

In volume 30 of The Jambar Journal, a publication of the Jamaican Bar Association, CariScholar Mentor and Attorney Ms. Cieanna Smith dissects the issues surrounding Robotic Technology and the Law. Over the last three years Ms. Smith has been conducting research on Artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Technology; focusing largely on its implications for the Law practice and Human Interaction with the technology (and with Robots).

In the article, which was selected as a lead article, Ms. Smith raises a number of pertinent questions; forcing us to ponder on our current reality and inevitable future as we come to grips with what a "world with robots" may look like. Some robots are capable of speaking over 20 different languages! We now have robot lawyers, robots are now performing medical operations, assisting with customer care service and the list goes on and on.

Various implications for the labour industry and financial security of individuals are now being discussed worldwide. The responsibility is now left to lawmakers/governments to address several of these issues. Due to the imminent interactions and relations with robots and humans, policy makers will have to explore the issue of liability should injury be caused by robots! Furthermore, Ms. Smith emphasises that, with the increasing rate of advancement of the technology, these issues are no longer a thing of 'the distant future' but are (or will soon become) a reality, even for Caribbean countries.

Read the entire article today on page 18 in volume 30 of The Jambar Journal. CariScholar would like to congratulate Miss Smith on her work in the field. She will soon head-off to Stanford Law School for an upcoming robotic conference!

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