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Young Caribbean Scientist Helps Explain How Seizures Spread in the Brain

CariScholar mentor and St. Lucian national, Andy Daniel, and his colleagues at Weill Cornell Medical College and Columbia University recently published an academic paper in the prestigious journal, Brain, explaining how seizures spread in the brain.

The connection between where seizures originate in the brain and where seizure activity is detected has been a leading source of confusion for researchers within the field of epilepsy. In the paper, entitled “Role of inhibitory control in modulating focal seizure spread”, Mr Daniel and colleagues demonstrate how seizures may propagate through large-scale networks in the brain. Their findings may have serious implications for individuals suffering from epilepsy and is an important contribution to the field.

Their work has also been featured on the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center website.

CariScholar congratulates Mr Daniel on this momentous achievement and wishes him continued success in his research!

CariScholar Professional Updates - Andy Daniel, PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

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