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Connecting Caribbean Minds


"I grew up in a household where neither of my parents attended university. While my parents were instrumental in motivating me to succeed, they often found it challenging to mentor me professionally. Consequently, most of my academic/career decisions were made 'on-the-fly' or were based on advice given to me by a current teacher.  As an adult, I have come to appreciate the benefits of academic and professional mentorship - which I believe is lacking in many Caribbean households."

-- J. Joseph, Founder

CariScholar is a Caribbean-based mentoring initiative aimed at connecting Caribbean students with some of the region’s most prolific and accomplished academics and professionals, in order to foster mentorship, sharing of information and guidance.   

CS Mentors

Introducing our CariScholar (CS) Mentors. CS mentors are experienced academics and professionals from all over the Caribbean region. 

Meet Our Mentors

Find a Mentor

What major should I pursue in college?

Where should I go to University? 

Are there scholarships for Caribbean students?

I want to be a chemist but I don't know anyone from my village who is a chemist. It would be useful to connect with someone who has walked the path I wish to follow.

These questions and concerns are shared by many Caribbean students. CariScholar seeks to connect you to accomplished Caribbean academics and professionals who can provide useful information, insight and guidance. Get connected today!

Become a mentor

Are you an academic or a professional from the Caribbean?

Are you passionate about mentoring?

Are you willing to share pertinent information on navigating the academic and professional sphere with future Caribbean scholars? Become a CariScholar Mentor today!


A. Lewis

Dr. Mutryce is amazing! When I told her my plans to go to university, she pushed me to apply. Then when all seemed bleak, she made me write my long-terms goals down and meditate on them daily. It is because of her continuous encouragement that I am currently at Midwestern State University. Thank you to

CariScholar for allowing me to meet a mentor that I will never separate from!

S. Manjra

I regretted not joining CariScholar in the beginning years of my BSc degree. I had an amazing mentor who gave me advice to such an extent, that my grades increased as I worked with the instructions given. I am forever thankful and I would encourage any keen student to also apply to CariScholar. THANK YOU!

S. Blackwood

Having a mentor is something that I needed, I had all these fantastic ideas but needed structure and lacked better organisational skills. Leah provided me with accountability, our biweekly meetings forced me to get into shape, really quick! The added materials, such as goal setting worksheets and weekly planners helped a great deal in increasing my organisational skills! Thanks so much Leah

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