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"I grew up in a household where neither of my parents attended university. While my parents were instrumental in motivating me to succeed, they often found it challenging to mentor me professionally. Consequently, most of my academic/career decisions were made 'on-the-fly' or were based on advice given to me by a current teacher.  As an adult, I have come to appreciate the benefits of academic and professional mentorship - which I believe is lacking in many Caribbean households."

-- J. Joseph, Founder

CariScholar is a Caribbean-based mentoring initiative aimed at connecting Caribbean students with some of the region’s most prolific and accomplished academics and professionals, in order to foster mentorship, sharing of information and guidance. 

Our Aims
  • To connect Caribbean students to accomplished academics and professionals, in their field of study

  • To facilitate academic/career-oriented dialogue amongst students and CariScholar Mentors

  • To promote Caribbean-based mentorship

Our Dream

Our dream is that the academic and professional playing field can be levelled for Caribbean nationals and that we all can realise our full potential as one community. 

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