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UWI x CariScholar: Mentorship Webinar

"We don't talk about mentorship nearly enough" (DJP).

A good mentor is indispensable: someone who can guide you, open your eyes to opportunities, and inspire you to reach your full potential. Yet, so many Caribbean students travel through life without mentors; deciphering everything on the fly and constantly feeling multiple steps behind. At CariScholar, we are committed to connecting Caribbean students to mentors in their field of study.

On September 21st 2020 at 1pm (Eastern Caribbean time), UWI Cave Hill (Office of Student Services) in partnership with CariScholar will host a webinar under the theme: "Securing your future through effective Caribbean mentorship".

A panel of distinguished Caribbean professionals and academics (all UWI Cave Hill alumni) will discuss the importance of mentorship, while sharing their unique trajectories to success!

We do hope that this event will mark a new chapter for CariScholar and Caribbean mentorship in general. (See poster for panellists' information and full program details).

Our dream at CariScholar is that, through mentorship, the academic/professional playing field can be levelled for Caribbean nationals and that we all can realise our full potential as one community!

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